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Established in 1993, LTW Technology Co. designs, manufactures and customizes a wide range of waterproof connectors, cable assemblies and interconnect systems for harsh and rugged environments. In April 2010, Amphenol Corporation, the world leader of Interconnect Solutions acquired LTW when we then became known as Amphenol LTW (ALTW) as we are today.

With over 300 worldwide patents, we provide innovative products and solutions around the world in different market applications, including LED Lighting, Marine, Heavy Equipment and Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy, Broadband Wireless Access, etc. Every product is made to meet the highest possible quality standards.

With our global presence, we are able to support our customers ‘needs wherever they are. ALTW places Customer Satisfaction first; as our main mission and culture it drives our daily decisions and actions. “Without our customers, our company doesn’t exist” says Amphenol LTW’s General Manager. 

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More Efficient and More Eco-Friendly

Amphenol LTW is committed to a greener world for a better tomorrow. To help in the battle to combat climate change we have reduced our impact on the environment by taking actions to reduce our energy consumption. We have created and installed our own LED Lighting System (LMS) in our office and factories in Taipei, Taiwan and Kunshan, China saving over 89% on our energy consumption.

We are the interconnect of choice for technologically advanced products with environmentally friendly results, such as in:

  • Generating power and energy renewable sources

  • Protecting, conserving, saving and better managing resources

  • Warning and preventing natural disasters such earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, flooding…

  • Lighting up buildings, factories, offices, residences, streets and cities at lowest possible efficient cost to both the environment and the bottom line

  • Detecting, monitoring and managing goods and people for seamless flow and exchanges around the world

  • Enabling higher speed and broadband communications and telecommunications

  • Producing higher yields of crops and maximizing the use of scarce “agricultural” lands

  • Accelerating the proliferation of organic crops

  • Delivering a safe and quality food supply

  • Preventing food shortages and enabling the production of sufficient food

  • Enabling higher production in farms while enhancing the quality of produce 

  • Allowing higher production and efficiency in factories and industries

  • Facilitating automation and reducing labor costs and risks

  • Making biotechnologies a reality and common place in tomorrow’s world

  • Ensuring life-saving products are available whenever and wherever they are much needed

  • Facilitating the “rugged revolution” in the mobile world

  • Accelerating the autonomous capabilities and adoption of vehicles and equipment

  • Contributing to a safer and broader utilization of electrical vehicles and equipment

Any questions?  Please Contact us , we will be glad to help you.

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