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In Amphenol LTW’s Laboratory, we have the appropriate physical resources and equipment and qualified personnel needed to conduct testing. The laboratory, physical resources, equipment, personnel and procedures are equivalent to what would be used in UL’s own laboratories for the same testing. All samples tested, equipment and methods used, and results obtained are to be fully documented as part of the data sheet package. Tests shall be performed and data collected under the supervision of UL personnel. Typically, UL personnel will witness all testing. In our test areas, we provided proper energy resources, lighting temperature control, humidity control and other environmental conditions required to conduct tests. We effectively monitor and control those factors that affect testing.


  • ACDC-Withstand-Voltage-Insulation-Tester

    AC/DC Withstand Voltage Insulation Tester

  • Automatic-Insertion-Force-Testing

    Automatic Insertion Force Testing

  • Bending-Tester

    Bending Tester

  • Coating-Thickness-Tester

    Coating Thickness Tester

  • Data-Acquisition-Switch-Unit

    Data Acquisition Switch Unit

  • DC-Electronic-Load

    DC Electronic Load

  • Electronic-Load

    Electronic Load

  • IPX7-X8-Waterproof-Trough

    IPX7 / X8 Waterproof Trough

  • Millohmmeter


  • Multifunctional-Reliability-Tester

    Multifunctional Reliability Tester

  • Power-Analyzer

    Power Analyzer

  • Programmable-AC-Power-Source

    Programmable AC Power Source

  • Programmable-DC-Power-Supply

    Programmable DC Power Supply

  • Temperature-Humidity-Chamber

    Temperature Humidity Chamber

  • Thermal-Shock-Tester

    Thermal Shock Tester