The Ultimate Dry Mate & Wet-Mate Connectors

Amphenol LTW is adding underwater connectors (up to 7000m depth) to its connectivity portfolio. DeepTronica® series offers 3 sub-series: Xiento-2M Series (under 200m), Abyss Series (6,000m) and Hadalpelagic Series (7,000m) with Circular, Metal, Low Profile, Ethernet four types and contact density up to 25. These dry and wet mate connectors solve the common issues met in shallow  water applications such as poor sealing and corroded contacts due to low pressure cycles.

With high quality thermoplastic shell, two O-rings and no corrosion, uniquely designed to be mated or unmated in dry and wet environments. Overmolded cable assemblies can be provided for a quick, reliable and easy to use for shallow water immersion applications.


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