Old Ceres screwin EOL Notification


Dear Valued Customers,

Amphenol LTW is consolidating our products would like to inform you these P/Ns will be phased out ,effective from Aug. 1 st , 2022

  • DC-03BFFB-LL7001

  • DC-03BMMB-LL7001

  • DC-02BFFB-LL7001

  • DC-02BFFB-SL7001

  • DC-02BFMB-LL7001

  • DC-02PMFP-LC7001

  • DC-02BFMB-SL7001

  • DC-02PMFP-SC7001

  • DC-03BFMB-LL7001

  • DC-03PMFP-LC7001

  • DC-03BFMB-SL7001

  • DC-03PMFP-SC7001

Kindly contact our sales representatives if you have any questions


Product Management Team

Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd.


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