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Pressure Relief Vent and Over-Pressure Relief Vent


Amphenol LTW provides two essential solutions for effective pressure management: the Pressure Relief Vent and the Over-Pressure Relief Vent. These vents play a crucial role in equalizing internal- external pressure, emphasizing both operational safety and equipment longevity, and enabling devices to thrive in challenging environments.
The Pressure Relief Vent facilitates controlled pressure release within safe operating limits, specifically designed to equalize the internal and external pressure. This not only prevents heat accumulation from electronic components but also reduces the need for bulkier housings and seals.
The Over-Pressure Relief Vents (spring-loaded and rectangular types) acts as a specialized safeguard during emergencies characterized by sudden pressure bursts, mitigating the risk of potential explosions.
Both vents feature hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes effectively excluding water or oil and minimizing condensation. This design ensures comprehensive protection, reliability across various industrial applications.

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USB Type-C Waterproof Connectors | Ultra-Speed Transmission


Amphenol LTW Waterproof Rugged USB Type C Connectors support a variety of protocols – such as USB 2.0, USB Gen 1 – and meet Super Speed communication of 10Gb/s, with up to 5A and 5V ~ 30V power supply.

Mating and/or stand-alone waterproof, dustproof, high temperature and high vibration resistant, quick mating are your ideal solution to data/power transfer in harsh or demanding environments.

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M8, M12 Distribution Box | Space and cost saving solution


Amphenol LTW’s distribution boxes facilitate efficient cable management, easy installation with pre-wired configuration, and provides a centralized distribution point for M8 and M12 connectors. They support various connectivity options, enhancing system efficiency and productivity with secure data and power transmission.

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Heavy Duty M12 | For high-temperature, ultra-reliable applications


Amphenol LTW presents the robust M12 high-temperature connector, the HDM12. Engineered for commercial applications with elevated vibration and challenging environmental conditions, the HDM12 excels in heavy-duty and harsh surroundings.
Compliant with IEC 61076-2-101 and SAE J2839 standards, the HDM12 connectors emerge as the ideal solution for ultra-rugged applications prevalent in markets such as Heavy Equipment, Heavy-Duty Automotive, Railway Mass Transit, Factory Automation, and more. Elevate your connectivity reliability in extreme conditions with the durability and performance offered by our HDM12 connectors.

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Ultra High Density Push Lock Connector | Up To 33 Contacts


ALTW’s 33-pin Ultra High-Density (UHD) X-Lok Mini Size push lock connector boasts compact design and high contact density, providing space efficiency and enhanced data transmission. Ideal for the newest automation systems, sensor arrangements, industrial cameras, medical equipment as well as measurement and control technology.

It offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for various industries, ensuring optimal performance in constrained spaces.

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M12 X-Code / D-Code IDC Field Installable


M12 X-Code / D-Code IDC type field Installable connectors provide quick termination without stripping wire insulation in the field. Supporting 10 Gbps data transmission and IP68 rated when mated, these M12 X-Code / D-Code IDC type field-installable connectors are an ideal solution for outdoor high-speed applications.

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Amphenol LTW Certification IATF16949


【Spot News】
Amphenol LTW has successfully obtained IATF16949 certification. This esteemed certification validates the Quality Management System of Amphenol LTW and Kunshan Amphenol Zhengri Electronics. The scope of this certification covers the design and manufacturing of electrical connectors and wiring harnesses. To maintain IATF16949 certification, Amphenol LTW will continue to uphold a robust and trustworthy quality management system.

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Celebrating ALTW's 30th Anniversary


Amphenol LTW (ALTW), the market leader in the waterproof connector is celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Over the last 30 years, ALTW has grown from a small waterproof connector firm to a global waterproof solution corporate for harsh environments.

Achieving 170% growth of the revenue compared to 2010 not only do we have to thank all our colleagues but also our valued customers and partners.

As we look forward to a fourth decade of operations and consider the opportunities and challenges in the future, it is worth spending a short time to take a ride on the time machine back and celebrate the ALTW journey.

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Over-pressure Relief Vent Series | Equalize/balance pressure


Amphenol LTW is proud to present the over-pressure relief vent in metallic & plastic shells that equalize the pressure inside/outside the sealed enclosure, preventing the shortening of the device's service life and potential damage to internal components, degradation of performance, or sudden heat/pressure rise of a battery module that leads to an explosion.

With waterproof IP68/IP69K ingress protection and hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes, it keeps the liquids, oils, and moisture out and reduces condensation in sealed the enclosure.

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EIP™ World Smallest Push-Pull RJ45 With POE


Amphenol LTW’s EIP™ is the world first and smallest form factor push-pull RJ45 with POE compliant to EN45545-2, EN61373, MICE3 and IP68 (mating & unmating) and IP69K. EIP meets Cat.5e (1Gbps) and Cat.6a (10Gbps) high data speed transmission enabling fast connection and disconnection, saving over 30% space and 80% installation time vs. M12 threaded connector.

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