Pressure Relief Vent and Over-Pressure Relief Vent



Amphenol LTW provides two essential solutions for effective pressure management: the Pressure Relief Vent and the Over-Pressure Relief Vent. These vents play a crucial role in equalizing internal- external pressure, emphasizing both operational safety and equipment longevity, and enabling devices to thrive in challenging environments.

  • The Pressure Relief Vent facilitates controlled pressure release within safe operating limits, specifically designed to equalize the internal and external pressure. This not only prevents heat accumulation from electronic components but also reduces the need for bulkier housings and seals.

  • The Over-Pressure Relief Vents (spring-loaded and rectangular types) acts as a specialized safeguard during emergencies characterized by sudden pressure bursts, mitigating the risk of potential explosions.

Both vents feature hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes effectively excluding water or oil and minimizing condensation. This design ensures comprehensive protection, reliability across various industrial applications.

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