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Celebrating ALTW's 30th Anniversary


Amphenol LTW (ALTW), the market leader in the waterproof connector is celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Over the last 30 years, ALTW has grown from a small waterproof connector firm to a global waterproof solution corporate for harsh environments.

Achieving 170% growth of the revenue compared to 2010 not only do we have to thank all our colleagues but also our valued customers and partners.

As we look forward to a fourth decade of operations and consider the opportunities and challenges in the future, it is worth spending a short time to take a ride on the time machine back and celebrate the ALTW journey.

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Over-pressure Relief Vent Series | Equalize/balance pressure


Amphenol LTW is proud to present the over-pressure relief vent in metallic & plastic shells that equalize the pressure inside/outside the sealed enclosure, preventing the shortening of the device's service life and potential damage to internal components, degradation of performance, or sudden heat/pressure rise of a battery module that leads to an explosion.

With waterproof IP68/IP69K ingress protection and hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes, it keeps the liquids, oils, and moisture out and reduces condensation in sealed the enclosure.

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EIP™ World Smallest Push-Pull RJ45 With POE


Amphenol LTW’s EIP™ is the world first and smallest form factor push-pull RJ45 with POE compliant to EN45545-2, EN61373, MICE3 and IP68 (mating & unmating) and IP69K. EIP meets Cat.5e (1Gbps) and Cat.6a (10Gbps) high data speed transmission enabling fast connection and disconnection, saving over 30% space and 80% installation time vs. M12 threaded connector.

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X-Lok Metal Mini Size - Alternative Solution to M12


Amphenol LTW is presenting X-Lok Series Mini Size with new METAL push-lock design. The X-Lok Mini Size provides easy, fast and reliable connections, not only meets IP68, UL1977 & 2238+50e standard but also supports up to 33 contacts and 10 Gbps high data transmission.

Blind mating with audible and tactile feedback provides less mating failure and quicker installation. It's your robust and reliable solution for outdoor applications.

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Mate Underwater With DeepTronica®


Amphenol LTW is adding underwater connectors (up to 7,000m depth) to its connectivity portfolio. DeepTronica® series offers 3 sub-series: Xiento-2M Series (under 200m), Abyss Series (6,000m) and Hadalpelagic Series (7,000m) with Circular, Metal, Low Profile, Ethernet four types and contact density up to 25. These dry and wet mate connectors solve the common issues met in shallow water applications such as poor sealing and corroded contacts due to low pressure cycles.

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Single Pair Ethernet - Freedom of Choices and Budgets


ALTW’s SPE mechanical interfaces are all designed and made according to IEEE 802.3bp standard offering three mechanical mating interfaces all IP67 up and above giving you the freedom to choose the interconnects suitable to your needs and requirements for industrial and ruggedized applications.

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M Series, X-Lok Series - Connectors With LED


Amphenol LTW is adding straight and right angel M8, Guide M8, M12 and X-LOK connectors with three LEDs to its connectivity portfolio. LED indication on the connector is often indispensable for the direct detection of faults in the field.
Our connectors are provided with three colors-Green, Orange and can be used in wide applications such as industrial automation, mobile vehicles and automotive industry… etc.
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MPronto-12 Kit - Unrivaled Push-Pull Connector For Self-Assembly


The benefits of MPronto-12 Kit as below:
► Design Your Products With The Excellent MPronto-12 Kit. You Can Get All Benefits of MPronto-12.
► With The MPronto-12 Kit, You Still Can Use Any Materials & Do Your Own Cable Assembly.
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Push-Pull or Break-Away Military Connectors | FLOS Y Series


Amphenol LTW FLOS Y Series Robust Metal Circular Connectors are an advanced and highly reliable solution with Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function for military applications. The Push-Pull locking ensures reliable mechanical mating and demating in less than a second. The Break-Away function allows connectors to be mated and unmated in fractions of a second. The key features as below:
► Lightweight
► Compact design
► Blind mate
► Long service life ≥ 5,000 cycles
► Protection class IP68
► Excellent 360° shielded
► High data transmission up to 10 Gbps

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Ultra High Density Connectors | High Speed, High Performance And High Reliability


ALTW’s UHD (Ultra High Density) technology enables the integration of highest pin counts in all existing rugged circular connectors for applications space constraints but also high speed and high reliability transmission such as M8, M12, X-Lok, Ceres, RBL, M23, etc.

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