Can ALTW connectors be customized to meet certain requirements?
Yes, connectors can be customized to meet customer requirements. If a certification is required, it will be applied. If not, ALTW can provide in-house test reports as a confirmation that the pre-defined specifications have been met.
Why are ALTW connectors called waterproof if they can only be immersed for a certain period? Shouldn't they be called water resistant?
As long as the immersion period does not surpass the conditions specified on the IP rating, they can be refered to as waterproof.
Where the airport nearest your factory ?
1. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, driving 1H;
2. Pudong International Airport, driving 2.5H.
What certificate that ALTW plans to obtain?
IATF 16949 (TS16949) for Automotive certificate in 3 years.
Are you ISO certified company ?
Yes, ISO 9001 (LT) & ISO 14001 (KSZ)


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