Wire AWG Conversion
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Mating style
【Screw Thread】
• Ceres • RJ45 • FICX • Power • USB • Cable Joiner • M Series • HDMI • Cable Gland • NMEA • RF • LED Indicator • D-Sub • DVI • Vent

【2 Points Lock Bayonet】
• Ceres • Power • USB

【3 Points Lock Bayonet】
• Ceres • Power • RJ • Fiber

【Push Pull】
• M Series • FLO & FLOS+ • HS-Lok • USB

【Push Lock With Latches】
• RBL • D-Sub • SSL

【Push Lock】
• X-Lok • USB
How many termination style?
PCB 180°, PCB 90°, Solder, Screw In, Crimp, IDC, Push In, SMT.
What is the difference between Oleophobic and Hydrophobic protective vents? What is the main function of the vent?
These properties refer to the fluid resistance of the membrane in the vent. Hydrophobic means that the membrane is water repelling, while Oleophobic means the membrane is oil repelling. They are used in applications that require the balancing of internal and external pressures such as electrical cabinets, wireless access points, control hubs and junction boxes. The trapped air inside the enclosures expands or contracts relative to the heat emitted by the components it encloses and the external ambient temperatures.
Do ALTW connectors have ATEX certification?
No, ALTW connectors are not yet certified by ATEX.
What connectors can be used in high-speed base band data transmission?
Ceres, X-Lok, M12 D & X-coded, RJ45, DVI, HDMI, USB and FLOS connectors.
Do ALTW connectors comply with MIL STD?
No, ALTW connectors are only evaluated under EIA, IEC and UL standards.
Can ALTW connectors be connected/disconnected under load?
By default, only connectors for data (RJ45, DVI, HDMI, and USB) can be used in hot-plugging. Power connectors need to be customized to achieve this.
Can ALTW connectors be used in continuous water immersion?
No, there is a limitation for their immersion to water as defined on each IP rating. Only "Deeptronica" series can be used in permanent immersion.
Can ALTW connectors be used in direct burial?
No, they are not designed for this type of application. They should be routed inside a conduit or other means of reinforcement if deployed underground.
What connectors can be used for power and signal distribution?
Ceres, SENSOR, X-Lok, RBL and HS-Lok connectors. For more detailed information and guide, please refer to our "Product Summary Table".


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